What our customers say:

I really like bringing my car here. I feel they are honest and reasonable. My car has quite a few miles and Steve takes great care of me and my car

Japanese Service Center is the auto repair shop you dream of. The owner is attentive, diligent, and honest, as are all of the mechanics and staff. Not only that, but they remember you each time you come back!
Awesome shop. I mean AWESOME! The owner is attentive, gives you the details and doesn’t make you feel dumb. Super busy, but I guess it only speaks to the quality of work and service. Taken my old honda there twice now for a couple of problems. Both times been a pleasant experience. Highly recommend!
When I took my vehicle to Japanese Service Center , I was treated with very professional service. They fixed my luxury sedan very quickly,although they happened to charge a large amount of money. Unlike a lotof automotive businesses they did not try and add on any secret charges. If you need an expensive car fixed, I recommend you go to this place.
A good example: my car was suffering from a minor shake, and when I took it in the initial diagnosis was that a rather expensive part would have to be replaced. To my surprise, I got a call later in the day that a mechanic was able to fix the part, saving me $300.
I really feel like this is a shop that is on the side of the car owner.
- Amber M.
I used to be a regular at this place. That was over 10 years ago. It’s nice to see that they haven’t changed much. They are still the best service in Sacramento, bar none.

I called them because I needed to have my car towed to a mechanic and looked at. I’d neglected to get an oil change and ran it for a while on very little oil. I asked them to check anything and everything that might be damaged and give her a good oil service.

They called me back a few hours later and informed me that everything was fine. I needed new shocks, but that had nothing to do with the oil :-)

And then, they only charged me $38. Wow. I’m a regular there again; I don’t think I could talk myself into going somewhere else.
- Kim B.
I had nothing but good experiences with JSC all the years I lived in Sacramento (I left in ’05). They took very good care of a series of Toyotas, and Steve was very helpful. Fast forward to now…my 24-y-o barista daughter is living in Folsom and having terrible trouble getting her jalopy smogged. I send her to Steve, who takes the time to figure out the problems, fix ‘em and take care of her. It’s a wonderful thing to trust a mechanic. If I lived anywhere near, I’d still be a customer! Thanks, Steve.
- Sue K

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